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SEPA Direct Debit

Enabling Direct Debit for mobile and online
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Widely accepted

Any bank account in the SEPA Zone
Many account holders do not have a credit card or do not want to use it
Consumer is well protected by reimbursement functionality offered by his bank

Best user experience

Native integration: no redirect, works great in mobile and online checkout
Simplicity: No intermediate, no wallet, no password
No IBAN and BIC needed: We translate from well known bank sort code and account number

Perfect for one time and recurring payments

No limits
Fix or variable amounts and schedules
No expiration date = continuous payments

Safe and Secure

You don’t have to store any bank account details
We manage and secure the bank uplinks
Our infrastructure runs in Tier 4 Data Centers

Comfortable and efficient

Easy integration through RESTful API
No bank integration needed
We take care of chargebacks and reminders
Low cost

How does it work

The Direct Debit Process


User fills in bank details either IBAN and if applicable BIC or well known account number and bank sorting code (only for first time checkout). We validate and score the request.


User signs a mandate by clicking a checkbox . Users with a high risk profile have to enter a code received per email or mobile phone.


From now on you can debit the user’s account by just sending a request through the API.


Mandate management

  • One-off and recurring mandates
  • Generate mandate reference or use your numbers
  • IBAN BIC calculation supporting 24 countries
  • Cancel mandates upon API call
  • Expire mandates

Transaction handling

  • Support CORE and COR1
  • Checks (plausibility, mandate to exist, negative list)
  • Send standard pre-notification eMail (may be turned off if you notify buyer)

Advanced features

  • Easy refunds
  • Reconciliation
  • Debtor’s management
  • Reminders through eMail and snail mail
  • Collection processes

R-transaction handling

  • Receive R-transactions from bank
  • Report through API (e.g. web hook)


  • Dashboard with transactions, customers, mandates, chargebacks
  • Show transaction stream
  • Search and view transaction details (transaction, customer, mandate, chargeback)
  • List view mandates, transactions, chargebacks, customers plus details
  • Cancel mandate